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Destiny Platform is a fresh and unique software development platform with which you can expand business software in your company with new capabilities like:

  • multilanguage
  • reports
  • combining data from different sources (different software even from other geo localization)
  • B2B capabilities (connect your to others with on-the-fly data transofrmation)
  • controlling capabilities (e-mail reports, alarms, SMS...)
  • offline working (when software is used over the Internet any client can work even without connection without any restrictions - data is synchronized when connection is back)
  • user friendly interface
  • mobile access (Android, iOS)
  • World Wide Web frontend      

Fast software implementation in your company because 

  • platform components are ready to use and needs minimum effort to make it work
  • many of capabilities can be implemented on site
  • fliexible platform - almost every component can be added/modified/removed


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